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Seminars & Conferences

Institute for Humane Studies Hayek Fund

The Hayek fund awards grants to aspiring academics pursing liberty-advancing careers and educational initiatives that go beyond standard curricula. Career development grants up to $750 for students and untenured scholars; can cover travel, application fees, conference fees, and other career-related expenses.

To apply: Institute for Humane Studies Hayek Fund

Institute for Humane Studies Seminars & Conferences

IHS offers summer seminars and conferences that explore different topics of interest related to economics, public policy, law and liberty.

For more information: Institute for Humane Studies Seminars & Conferences

Foundation for Economic Education

FEE offers summer seminars that explore the economics of human behavior, social significances of a free economy, the role of economists in scientific thinking and more.

For more information: Foundation for Economic Education

Mises University Austrian Economics Conference

The Mises University is the world’s leading instructional program in the Austrian School of economics. The program offers courses, seminars, and reading groups on the whole range of the discipline.

For more information: Mises University Austrian Economics Conference

Young America’s Foundation

YAF offers summer seminars and conferences involving conservative activism.

For more information: Young America's Foundation Conferences

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