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Free Enterprise

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Research Articles

The Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise supports research a number of categories. We work with faculty and doctoral fellows to provide the community with research regarding topics on the free market. 

Agriculture & Food

Lusk, Jayson, The Past, Present and Future of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (Stillwater, Oklahoma: Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise, January 19, 2016)


Lusk, Jayson, The Food Police: A Well-Fed Manifesto About the Politics of Your Plate (New York, Crown Forum, 2013)



Katherine A. Curry, Lou Sabina & Jon Loffi. A Comparative Analysis of the 2010 and the 2014 AP U.S. History Frameworks (Oklahoma City, Okla.: 1889 Institute, July 2015)


Fried, Vance. College 2020 (Washington, D.C.: The Heritage Foundation, Center for Policy Innovation Discussion Paper #10, March 26, 2013).


Fried, Vance. Federal Higher Education Policy and the Profitable Nonprofits (Washington, D.C.: Cato Institute Policy Analysis No. 678, June 15, 2011).


Fried, Vance. The College Cartel (New York City, N.Y.: The National Review, March 19, 2012)


Fried, Vance. Designing an Education Savings Account 2016 (Oklahoma City, Okla.: 1889 Institute, January 2016)


Fried, Vance. Blueprint for Education Reform: Educational Choice and Empowered Public Schools (Oklahoma City, Okla.: 1889 Institute, January 2016)


Fried, Vance & Schlomach, Byron. Adjusting Higher Education Policy for the Internet Age (Oklahoma City, Okla.: 1889 Institute, February 2018)


Schlomach, Byron, Fried, Vance and Lepak, Benjamin. A Universal Education Savings Account Proposal: Fiscal Implications and Model Legislation (Oklahoma City, Okla.: 1889 Institute, December 2018)



Michaels, R., Bylund, P., Knappenberger, P. & Schlomach, B. Wind Energy in Oklahoma: A Costly Solution in Search of a Problem (Oklahoma City, Okla.: 1889 Institute, April 2017)


Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Brown, L., Mark, P. & Bylund, P. 2018. "Judgment, Fast and Slow: Toward a Judgment View of Entrepreneurs' Impulsivity"Journal of Business Venturing Insights 10. 


Bylund, Per. 2015. Explaining Firm Emergence: Specialization, Transaction Costs and the Integration ProcessManagerial and Decision Economics 36(4): 221-238.


Bylund, Per. 2015. Signifying Williamson's Contribution to the Transaction Cost Approach: An Agent-Based Simulation of Coasean Transaction Costs and Specialization Journal of Management Studies 52(1): 148-174 [SSRN]


Bylund, Per. 2014

Ronald Coase's 'Nature of the Firm' and the Argument for Economic PlanningJournal of the History of Economic Thought 36(3): 305-329 [SSRN]


Bylund, Per. 2011 

Division of Labor and the Firm: An Austrian Attempt at Explaining the Firm in the Market.

Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, 14(2): 188-215.


Bylund, Per. 2010.

"Piracy, Inc.: On the Bearing of the Firm Analogy to Pirate Organization." Review of Austrian Economics 23(3):299-305.


Bylund, Per. 2008. "Unblocking a Free Market Perspective in Labor Economics." Etica & Politica/Ethics & Politics X(2): 236-247.


Bylund, Per & Manish, G. 2016. "The Mises-Knight Theory of Uncertainty and its Implications for Entrepreneurship, Equilibrium and the Theory of the Firm." Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology 34B: 305-336.



Bylund, Per & Manish, G. 2017.

"Private Property and Economic Calculation: A Reply to Andy Denis."  Review of Political Economy 29(3): 414-431.


Bylund, Per & McCaffrey, M. 2017.

"A Theory of Entrepreneurship and Institutional Uncertainty." Journal of Business Venturing 32(5): 461-475.


Klein, P.G. & Bylund, P.L. 2014.

"The Place of Austrian Economics in Contemporary Entrepreneurship Research." Review of Austrian Economics 27(3): 259-279. [SSRN]


Packard, Mark & Bylund, Per. 2018.

"On the Relationship of Inequality and Entrepreneurship." Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal 12(1): 3-22.


Wood, M., Bylund, P. & Bradley, S. 2016. 

The Influence of Tax and Regulatory Policies on Entrepreneurs' Opportunity Evaluation DecisionsManagement Decision 54(5): 1160-1182.


Health Care

Butler, Baylee & Schlomach, Byron. The Profitability of Nonprofit Hospitals: Do They Really Need More Money? (Oklahoma City, Okla.: 1889 Institute, September 2017).


Rutherford, Matt. The Price is Wrong: Explaining the Lack of Entrepreneurial Behavior in Health Care. (Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise, September 2017).


Schlomach, Byron. Removing the Middleman: What States Can do to Make Health Care More Responsive to Patients (Goldwater Institute Policy Report No. 230, January 2009).


Regulation, Cronysm & Corruption

Published Papers:

Heflin, Talmadge and Byron Schlomach Principles for Determining Budget Priorities (Texas Public Policy Foundation Policy Perspective, July 2006).


Schlomach, Byron. Baked-In Corruption: The Need to Reform Boards and Commissions (Oklahoma City, OK: 1889 Institute, May 2018).


Schlomach, Byron. Certificates of Need: An Oklahoma CON that Needs Repealing (Tulsa, Oklahoma: Oklahoma Policy Innovation Project, February 2015).


Schlomach, Byron. Critique of the Incentive Evaluation Commission’s Tax Incentive Evaluation Report: 2016 (Oklahoma City, OK: 1889 Institute, March 2017).


Schlomach, Byron. The Need to Review and Reform Occupational Licensing in Oklahoma (Oklahoma City, OK: 1889 Institute, September 2016).


Schlomach, Byron, Piercing the Fog: A Call for Greater Transparency in State and Local Government (Goldwater Institute Policy Report, July 2008).


Schlomach, Byron. Rising Above Mere Politics: General Principles for Spending Taxpayers’ Money (Oklahoma City, OK: 1889 Institute, February 2017).


Schlomach, Byron. Tax Increment Finance and Suggestions for Reform – A Summary (Oklahoma City, OK: 1889 Institute, August 2016).


Schlomach, Byron and Per Bylund, and Vance H. Fried. Certicates of Need: An Oklahoma CON that Needs Repealing (Oklahoma City, OK: 1889 Institute, November 2015).


Schlomach, Byron and Vance Fried. 

Policy Maker’s Guide to Evaluating Proposed and Existing Occupational Licensing Laws (Oklahoma City, OK: 1889 Institute, February 2017).


Schlomach, Byron and Christina Sandefur, and Murray Feldstein. A Win-Win for Consumers and Professionals Alike: An Alternative to Occupational Licensing (Phoenix, AZ: Goldwater Institute, November 2018)



Soleimanof, Sohrab (2016). Cronyism and entrepreneurship: An international analysis of the influence of cronysim on country level productive and unproductive entrepreneurship (Doctoral dissertation, Oklahoma State University).


Working Papers:

Johnson, Scott. “Corruption in Government Contracting: Medicine Procurement in Honduras.”  Working Paper.

Hill, Aaron. “Politician Stock Holding: Do Firms Benefit?”  Working Paper.


Other Free-Enterprise Research

Bylund Per. 2010. Piracy, Inc.: On the Bearing of the Firm Analogy to Pirate OrganizationReview of Austrian Economics 23(3): 299-305. [SSRN]


Bylund Per. 2008. “Unblocking a Free Market Perspective in Labor Economics.” Etica & Politica / Ethics & Politics X(2): 236-247. [SSRN]


Pivateau, Griffin. 2017. Mandating Individual Arbitration: The Legality of Class Action Waivers in Employment Arbitration Agreements GONZAGA LAW REVIEW52, 3.


Schlomach, Byron, The Importance of the Cost of Living and Policies to Address It (Phoenix, AZ: Goldwater Institute, September 2017).

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