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Serving others embodies the essence of capitalism and free enterprise.  The best way to meet my individual needs, wants and desires is to find a way to meet someone else's needs, wants and desires and do that better than anyone else.

Our Mission

Promote economic freedom, competitive markets, private ownership, individual choice
We work to facilitate campus-wide discussions on issues related to value creation in society, competitive markets, economic freedom, personal liberty and human flourishing. We coordinate OSU courses related to free enterprise, sponsor the Free Enterprise Society (FES), provide scholarships and fellowships for all students interested in free enterprise principles and support faculty and student research.
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Our People

Our students, faculty and administrators focus on teaching and research related to entrepreneurship and innovation, markets and morality along with regulation. 
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Empowering The Individual

We seek to provide opportunities and resources to all individuals interested in learning about or promoting the principles of a free society. To explore some of our blog postings, click the link below.

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