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Oil, Coal, & Natural Gas = Climate Catastrophe or Climate Mastery ?

Alex Epstein came to campus Monday, October 9 to give a lecture entitled “Fossil Future:  Oil, Coal, & Natural Gas = Climate Catastrophe or Climate Mastery?”
There was a small-group discussion on the topic over lunch the next day (Tuesday, October 10, SU 297, 11:30a-12:45p).

Where Is My Flying Car?

Dr. J. Storrs Hall spoke on Monday, April 24, 2023, discussing the various hurdles that have prevented development and adoption of flying cars.
A small-group discussion on the topic was held over lunch the next day.

Anarchism & Anarcho-Capitalism

Dr. Per Bylund was on campus Thursday, March 23, 2023 discussing what it means to have 'Rules without Rulers' (JB 101, 7-8:15p).
In addition, Dr. Randy Holcombe (FSU) was on campus the following week (Thursday, March 30), to debate Dr. Bylund regarding the viability of Anarchism (JB 101, 7-8:15p).
There was a small-group discussion on the topic of Anarchism over lunch on Friday, March 24.
There was a small-group discussion on the topic of Minarchism over lunch on Friday, March 31.

Dr. Jay Richards

Author & Scholar
On Monday, October 18, 2021, Dr. Richards discussed Artificial Intelligence and whether we are in danger of losing our jobs to smart machines.
Dr. Richards is a Research Assistant Professor at Catholic University's Busch School of Business, a Senior Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, and a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute.
He is the author of numerous books, including:
Smart Machines Flyer

Josh Hammer

Constitutional Attorney
On Monday, October 4, 2021, Josh Hammer spoke about the importance of Federalism, its principles, the rationale behind the Founders' reliance upon those principles, and how a return to Federalism can sustain our intensely divided nation.  Josh's discussion of Federalism also examined the recent push by various states to legalize Cannabis, despite numerous Federal laws still criminalizing it.
Reclaim Federalism

Dr. William Luther

Visiting Scholar
On Nov. 2, 2020, Dr. William Luther, assistant professor of economics at Florida Atlantic University and director of the Sound Money Project for the American Institute for Economic Research, was on campus discussing the future of digital currency.  The event was also livestreamed via OStateTV and a rebroadcast is currently available (along with the presentation slides) via the button below.
Bitcoin & Beyond



Josh Malone

Inventor of Bunch O Balloons
On Oct. 19, 2020, the Free Enterprise Society viewed a screening of the documentary film Invalidated: The Shredding of the U.S. Patent System, which features independent inventor Josh Malone and the challenges he faced when trying to protect the rights to his invention, Bunch O Balloons.  Instead of a system focused on helping small businesses and independent inventors, Josh discovered that many of the practices of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and the Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB) actually work against small businesses and independent inventors.
After the screening, Josh participated in a question & answer session (viewable via the link below).

Patrick Reasonover

They Say It Can't Be Done
FES students viewed a private screening of the documentary film They Say It Can't Be Done, then participated in a Q&A discussion with the producer, Patrick Reasonover.  The Q&A session is available for viewing on OStateTV (click on the adjacent image).
The documentary assesses the impacts of government regulation on innovation via an in-depth examination of four groundbreaking technologies and their entrepreneurial struggles to accomplish the seemingly impossible.  The technologies are 3D organ printing,  cultured ('lab grown') meat, aquaculture (ocean farming), and carbon sequestration.
If you would like to receive a private-screening link to view the documentary, please send an email to with "Documentary" in the subject line.


Michael Shellenberger

The Science, Economics & Ethics of Climate Change & Environmental Alarmism
Michael Shellenberger, founder and president of Environmental Progress, discussed his book "Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Harms us All." 

Dr. Sean Flynn

The Cure That Works: How to Have the World's Best Health Care at a Quarter of the Price
Dr. Sean Flynn, chairman of the economics department at Scripps College, visited the OSU campus Sept. 11, 2020, to discuss his book "The Cure That Works."


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