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Doctoral Scholarships & Fellowships

Doctoral Scholars and Doctoral Fellows are an integral and ongoing part of the Institute.  They participate in Institute activities, learn about the Institute’s areas of interest and conduct related research. OSU PhD students at any stage and from any department can apply to be doctoral scholars. Doctoral scholars who have successfully completed the PhD seminar "EEE 6213 Entrepreneurship: Theory & History" (offered each spring semester) can apply to be doctoral fellows. Doctoral fellows who are actively involved in research that closely aligns with the mission of the Institute can apply to be doctoral research fellows.


Each academic year, the Institute will host three or four Visiting Research Scholars to provide PhD training to its doctoral scholars and fellows.  Each visiting research scholar will give a 1-hour research presentation (for faculty and PhD students) and teach a 1.5-hour seminar for the PhD students and will be available for additional informal discussions with the students. Doctoral scholars and fellows are required to fully prepare for and participate in the PhD seminars and attend the research presentations.  At the end of each semester, doctoral scholars and fellows are required to submit a one-page concept paper identifying a potential line of research or a specific research project that relates to the material covered in one or more of the seminars or research presentations. Scholars and fellows will also be required to attend four to six minor, no-preparation-required events in addition to the seminars each semester.


The four PhD seminars (typically two per semester) will generally be taught on Monday or Friday afternoons.


Doctoral scholars will receive a scholarship totaling $1,200 (split between the fall and spring semesters). Doctoral fellows will receive a scholarship totaling $2,400 (split between the fall and spring semesters).  Doctoral research fellows will receive a scholarship totaling $3,600 (split between the fall and spring semesters) and dedicated office space in the General Academic Building.  Contingent on the availability of funding, doctoral research fellows can apply in the spring for up to $1,000 in summer research support and/or additional funding to support data collection efforts, etc.


Additional funding may also be available to scholars and fellows to cover expenses to attend optional academic events outside of Stillwater (after the university allows sponsored travel again).


Doctoral fellows will be expected to attend monthly research meetings, which will generally take place on Friday afternoons (1-2p).  Doctoral scholars are welcomed (but not required) to attend the research meetings.

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