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Free Enterprise

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Free Enterprise Society Constitution

Article I

Name: The name of this organization shall be OSU Free Enterprise Society.


Article II

Purpose: The Purpose of this organization shall be to encourage Oklahoma State University students to learn about and discuss the free market system.


Article III


Section 1. The officers of this organization shall be the president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. 


Section 2. The qualifications for officers in this organization shall be that they are full-time students at OSU and have at least a 2.0 GPA for undergraduates and 3.0 GPA for graduates.


Section 3. The duties of these officers shall be:

  • President- Primary organizer of meetings and events. Keep officers up to date with their duties, contact officers with any new officer information.
  • Vice President- Assist the president with reminders, notes, scheduling, and other duties as needed.
  • Treasurer- Keep track of club finances, attend annual treasurer’s workshop.
  • Secretary- Document club meeting times and dates, attendance, file organizational reports with the Campus Life, keep minutes when necessary.

Section 4. The elections of this organization will occur at the first meeting of the fall semester and new officers will take office each fall semester. Terms of office will be one academic year (August – May). The next runner up for the position will fill vacancies. If they choose to decline or are not available, then the club will have a re-vote for the position.


Section 5. Faculty advisor must be a full-time faculty or staff member of OSU. The advisor will be the staff member most closely associated with the club, if they choose to decline we will find the next closely associated staff member and so on.


Section 6. Other organization officers and committee persons will be added as determined by officers.


Article IV

Quorum: A quorum for this organization shall be a simple majority or 50% of members plus one.


Article V


Section 1. Voting members of the organization must be students of OSU. Honorary and associate membership may be granted to non-students, but they may not have any   voting rights or hold office.


Article VI

Dues: Dues for this organization shall be collected according to the by-laws. 


Article VII

By-Laws: A by-law may be passed at any regular meeting of the organization by a majority vote of those in attendance, provided a quorum is present. 


Article VIII

Reports to Campus Life Office

Section 1.  At the beginning of the fall semester, OSU Free Enterprise Society shall report the name of officers and advisors to the Department of Leadership and Campus Life and shall promptly report any changes that occur during the school year. Updates will be made through the CampusLink program.


Section 2. At the beginning of the fall semester, OSU Free Enterprise Society will file with the Department of Leadership and Campus Life a signed “Affirmation of Compliance.”


Section 3. It is understood that failure to submit such materials, either through continued negligence or willful omission, may result in the suspension of the charter of this organization by the Committee on Student Organizations.


Article IX

Amendments: In the event that the organization decides to amend the constitution, at least two thirds of the membership must approve of the constitutional changes. All changes must be submitted to the Department of Leadership and Campus life for approval by the Committee on Student Organizations.  

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