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Oklahoma State University

Faculty Fellows

Robert Baron is a widely respected leading scholar in cognitive and social factors in entrepreneurship, and is a fellow for the American Psychological Association. Baron, Ph.D., is a Professor and the William S. Spears Chair.

Tom Brown’s current research interests include causes and effects of corporate associations and the customer orientation of service workers. Brown is the Noble Foundation Chair in Marketing Strategy.

Lloyd Caldwell is a member of the Theatre Faculty of Oklahoma State University, and a Riata Fellow in the Spears School of Business. In a career spanning 30 years he has appeared off-Broadway and regionally, and in feature films and television. His credits include roles at the American Place Theatre, The Roundabout Theatre, La Mama Theatre Company, and a national tour as John Adams in 1776...

Katherine Curry is an associate professor in the College of Education, Health and Aviation, School of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Aviation. She serves as Co-Director of The Edupreneur Academy and teaches masters and doctoral level courses in educational leadership. Her former experience includes middle school...

Aaron Hill holds the Williams S. Spears Chair in Business Administration at Oklahoma State University. His primary research focuses on understanding how the personal characteristics and situational factors of both executives and other key employees work both independently and in concert to affect firm-level outcomes. Dr. Hill's research has examined executives at both the individual and...

Scott Johnson’s research focuses on public policy and developmental entrepreneurship, corporate governance, and the philosophy of science. Johnson is an Associate Professor of Management.

Toby Joplin serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor in Managemet and is currently the Director of the Executive Doctorate Programs in Business Management. 

Bill McLean focuses on economic education and Austrian Thought. He is a Lecturer in Economics.

William D. Paiva, PhD, is Executive Director of Oklahoma State University's Center for Health Systems Innovation (CHSI).  The Center is focused on transforming rural and Native America health through the implementation of innovative care delivery and IT solutions.  Within CHSI, the Innovation arm focuses on improving rural health care by implementing new and innovative care delivery models...

Griffin Pivateau studies legal issues relevant to entrepreneurs. He is an Associate Professor of Legal Studies.

Matthew Rutherford serves as an Associate Professor and Johnny D. Pope Chair in Entrepreneurship. He has published numerous articles in well-known journals and his reserach focuses on entrepreneurship and behavior.  He recieved his PhD in Management from Auburn University. 

Betty Simkins’ research interests include enterprise risk management financial and energy risk management, international finance, and corporate governance. Simkins is a Williams Companies Professor of Business and Finance Department Head.

Josh Wiener’s research focuses on marketing and public policy. Weiner is the Department Head, Director of the Center for Social & Services Marketing, Carson Professor of Business Administration and a Professor of Marketing.

Ludvig Levasseur serves as a post-doctoral researcher at OSU Spears School of Entrepreneurship. His research interests are time perspective, alertness, mixed methods, family business, and venture capital....