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Oklahoma State University

Doctoral Student Scholars -- Scholarship Opportunity

Doctoral Scholars are an integral and ongoing part of the Institute.  They participate in Institute activities, learn about the Institute’s areas of interest, and do related research.  OSU PhD students at any stage and from any department can be Doctoral Scholars.

Applications are currently being accepted for the Doctoral Scholars program for Spring 2018.   The Institute will bring in three or four Visiting Fellows to provide PhD training to its Doctoral Scholars.  Each Visiting Fellow will teach a 2.5 hour seminar for the Doctoral Scholars and be available for informal discussions with the Doctoral Scholars.  Scholars are required to fully prepare and participate in all the seminars. By the end of the semester they are required to submit a two page concept paper identifying a potential line of research or specific research project that relates to the material covered in the seminars.  Scholars may also be required to attend three or four minor, no-preparation-required events besides the seminars. The four seminars will generally be taught on Thursdays from 3:30 – 5:45.  The specific dates of each session are yet to be determined, so Scholars will need to have the Thursday time slot open throughout the semester.  Students will receive a cash scholarship of $1,000 for the semester. Additional funding may be available to cover expenses to attend optional academic events outside of Stillwater.

Upon completion of the Scholars program, students may apply to become Doctoral Fellows. These Fellowships are for PhD students whose major line of research is in one of the Institute’s areas of interest.  It is anticipated the Doctoral Fellowship will pay $5,000 per year on top of departmental graduate assistant pay.

For more information contact Matthew W. Rutherford, Doctoral Scholars Coordinator.