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Oklahoma State University

Per Bylund

School of Entrepreneurship

Per Bylund, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Records-Johnston Professor of Free Enterprise
School of Entrepreneurship

Hi there! I’m Per Bylund, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Records-Johnston Professor of Free Enterprise in the School of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University. My research focuses on issues in entrepreneurship, strategic management, and organizational economics – especially where they overlap and intersect with regulation and policy issues. I was previously in the Department of Entrepreneurship of Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University and, before then, the Management Department of Trulaske College of Business and the Division of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Missouri.

I am an associate fellow of the Ratio Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, a research fellow at the McQuinn Center of Entrepreneurial Leadership, and an Associated Scholar with theMises Institute as well as senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises-institutet i Sverige.

My research aims to explain the market process of wealth-creation and economic development with a focus on organizations, institutions, strategic management and entrepreneurship. I have several papers and a forthcoming book on the theory of the firm, especially targeting and attempting to illuminate the economic function of the firm – both to the entrepreneur and as a means to explain the evolution of market structure. My research has been published in several scholarly journals, including theJournal of Management StudiesManagerial and Decision Economics, the Journal of the History of Economic Thought,and the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics.

I serve as the book review editor of the Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy and on the editorial boards of the Journal of Management Studies, the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, and the Molinari Review.

Originally from Sweden, I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Mid-Missouri with my wife Susanne and our semi-spoiled Plott Hound Georgia.