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Oklahoma State University


Vance Fried is the Institute’s Director. His research focuses on public policy and entrepreneurship, education entrepreneurship and policy, and venture capital industry. Fried is Riata Professor of Entrepreneurship.

Per Bylund is an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and the Records-Johnston Professor of Free Enterprise in the School of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University. His research focuses on issues in entrepreneurship, strategic management, and organizational economics – especially where they overlap and intersect with regulation and policy issues. He was previously in the Department...

Byron Scholmach is State Policy Director for the 1889 Institute. He has researched and written broadly in public policy in areas as diverse as economic development, transportation, public education, welfare, health care, government transparency, regulation and licensing. He has been published in numerous newspapers in Texas and Arizona, and has made many media appearances on radio and TV. ...

Baylee Butler is the Program Manager for the Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise.